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Who is Merit Street Media?

Premier Multi-platform Destination

Led by Dr. Phil McGraw, a renowned author and television host, Merit Street Media is a premier multi-platform destination offering essential television programming across cable, satellite, and free over-the-air broadcast media.

Moving America Forward

Merit Street Media is committed to uplifting American values and providing intelligent news and entertainment that celebrates achievements, advocates for justice, cherishes family, and fosters inspiration and connection.

Extensive Reach and Impact

Through its partnership with Trinity Broadcasting Network, MSM reaches over 80 million homes, aiming to empower audiences with engaging and informative content that leaves them inspired, enlightened, informed, and connected.

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Welcome to Merit Street

Essential Television

Merit Street provides clarity and solutions on the issues and topics that matter most to Americans. Together we celebrate human accomplishments, strive for justice, cherish family, and aim to begin and end your days feeling inspired, enlightened, informed, and connected.

Merit Street Media™ is a premier multi-platform destination media brand spearheaded by Dr.Phil McGraw, the esteemed best-selling author and award-winning television host. The backbone of Merit Street's media presence is its television network, established in partnership with Trinity Broadcasting Network.  This fully distributed, cable, satellite, and free over-the-air broadcast media brand extends its initial reach to over 80 million television homes.

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