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Dominique Sachse


Dominique is a captivating storyteller – be it the day’s news, on-the-street reporting, investigative journalism, fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice, candid interviews, or her transformative book and podcast dedicated to helping women embrace their bold, beautiful, and blessed selves. She moves onto Merit Street after an impressive and award-winning 28 year career with KPRC-TV in Houston, bringing with her more than 1.5 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. Dominique has been honored with multiple Emmy and AWRT awards throughout her career, along with the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award for the show, 'Jennifer's Story.' Dominique is a dynamic content creator, lifestyle and wellness encouragement, journalist, and author of the best-selling book, Life Makeover - Embrace The Bold, Beautiful, and Blessed YOU!

Her podcast, Over 50 & Flourishing, helps women in their Prime live their best lives. Dominique has made a name for herself as a down-to-earth, relatable, and insightful communicator who has captivated audiences with heartfelt passion and dedication. With an infectious enthusiasm for life and a genuine desire to uplift others, Dominique continues to inspire and empower through her work to champion family values.

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