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Lyndsay Keith


Lyndsay Keith, host of the popular series Centerpoint on TBN, moves onto Merit Street as our primetime news co-host. The ray of light she brings to the screen encompasses her full spectrum of talent, including storytelling, journalism, interview and debate; she has the drive, tenacity and spirit it takes to get to the facts at the heart of any news story. For years, Lyndsay has worked on both sides of the camera to become one of the nation’s most trusted communications professionals. Early in her career, she worked as a press lead for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. As Senior Director of Media Relations for Harbinger, she organized media relations for Pope Francis’s visit to the United States and arranged media coverage of many presidential debates.

From there, Lyndsay served as the Deputy Director of Communications and spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. Google hired her to manage brand strategy and executive engagement, leveraging her ability to bring people together to build essential business relationships. She began her broadcast career as the Liberty Flames Sports Network’s sideline reporter. As co-anchor of the nightly sports show, Game On, she interviewed coaches, players, and sports personalities from NCAA colleges, MLB, NBA, and NFL. Prior to joining TBN, she hosted a nationally televised series tackling the day's top political stories.

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