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Justin Timberlake arrested, accused of drunk driving
Sag Harbor, N.Y. — Justin Timberlake was arrested June 18 after police say he ran a stop sign in his BMW. The 43-year-old singer is accused of...
FDA says Dollar Tree sold lead-tainted applesauce pouches despite recall
Wyoming — The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has accused Dollar Tree of keeping recalled WanaBana apple cinnamon fruit puree pouches on its store...
New York's top court declines to hear Trump's appeal of gag order in hush money case
New York — New York’s top court declined Tuesday to hear Donald Trump’s gag order appeal, leaving the restrictions in place following his felony...

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Seriously, loving the balanced approach. I mean on Merit Street I actually heard a very healthy discussion on abortion. Not one taking sides, one just being practical and logical. Very insightful and reasonable. And then I was watching Morning on Merit Street about guns in the classroom, and both of the women were given an opportunity to give their point of view, and I thought it was fantastic.

Anna H., Connecticut

I have found a new network to watch called Merit Street. It’s a breath of fresh air. I never got the chance to watch Dr. Phil in the early days because I was working, but I like the fact that I can watch Dr. Phil’s new show now. He brings on so many different people and Dr. Phil is such an informative person. The variety of people on the network like Mike Rowe I love.

Tammy S., Arizona

I love watching Merit Street! I love that I can watch it anytime of the day. It’s a wide variety of information. I love how they give different perspectives of the same topic. It’s definitely worth the watch!

Julie Y., New York

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New Dr. Phil Primetime

Emmy award winning Executive Producer and TV Host, Dr. Phil McGraw, launches a new version of the Dr. Phil show in Primetime.

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