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2024 PBR Camping World Team Series preseason power rankings

Pueblo, Colo. — Training for PBR Teams Champions is heating up this summer, when general managers, coaches and riders train with the hopes of seeing their squads land inside T-Mobile Arena October 18-20.

Diehard fans want to know what the squads will bring. 

While teams endure their respective training camp sessions, continuing to execute roster moves week in and out, offered a preseason look at where this summer’s revamped rosters may rank in the long run.

And with just under a month until the camaraderie-driven campaign gets its third season underway, it couldn't have happened sooner. 

Cassio Dias_KC Outlaws_2

Fans can stay tuned to the league’s official 2024 PBR Camping World Teams Series standings here once the action begins.




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