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'It's a bad situation,' Dr. Phil visits UCLA campus

California (MSM/AP) — Dr. Phil McGraw visited UCLA Wednesday, speaking to students, law enforcement and checking out a makeshift camp for pro-Palestinian protesters. 

The talk show host told one journalist he was compelled to visit the university because "it's a bad situation."

"I'm hoping to learn what's going on with the kids here - and see if they are willing to talk about what they want," said McGraw. 

dr p ucla

McGraw's visit comes after counter-protesters “forcefully" attacked the encampment at UCLA the morning of May 1, according to the university's chancellor, and classes were canceled. 

UCLA administrators and campus police reportedly delayed intervening and calling for law enforcement backup in the brawl on the Los Angeles campus, prompting widespread condemnation from Muslim students to the city’s mayor and California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The counter-protesters, some of whom carried Israeli flags, threw traffic cones and chairs, released pepper spray, and pulled down the barricade surrounding the encampment. University officials said 15 people were injured in the confrontation, including one person who was hospitalized.

The Los Angeles Police Department said no arrests were made during the incident.

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