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12 Jurors in the Box

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 21

President Trump on Trial! A President potentially in Prison! How did we get here? Dr. Phil uses his nearly two decades of trial science experience in choosing and reading juries to break down this history altering case and the events leading up to it.

Tonight, Dr. Phil, and Former Prosecutor / News on Merit Street Anchor, Loni Coombs continue their conversation about the 7 men, and 6 women selected to be jurors for the unprecedented and historic criminal trial of Donald J. Trump. Find out a key player no one has mentioned thus far, but one Dr. Phil believes may play a pivotal in the verdict. Plus, should former President Trump take the stand, and testify under oath, find out what Dr. Phil thinks. Plus, what are the questions the jury will have to answer that will decide a guilty or not guilty verdict? 


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