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Alert! Trigger Warnings Don't Work

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 32

Trigger Warnings do NOT work YET trigger warnings, originally used for people suffering from PTSD, are now being sued everywhere for everything. 

We take a deep dive into trigger warnings and how they are permeating our country. There are ow warnings regarding movies, novels, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, museum exhibits and more. We take an inside look at policies at colleges and hear from Cornell students on whether it’s a good idea in the classroom to have warnings about immigration, racism, and violent crimes … including the student who sponsored a resolution to make them mandatory which did not pass. We analyze the current research on this issue, discuss all the words like spiders and blood that are considered too difficult to hear without a warning and hear two university professors debate whether students are too sensitive (critics call them “snowflake students”) or should be encouraged to hear trigger warnings for their mental health if a topic is too close to home.


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