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Americans Dying to Drink

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 33

The latest report by the CDC found 488 people died from alcohol related issues every day during the pandemic, reporting a surge in consumption that hadn’t been seen in 50 years. But many claim the problem is not getting better.

But many claim the problem is not getting better. Dr. Phil will speak with a married couple, Frank and Kirsten, who claim the isolation from COVID mandates exacerbated Frank's 1 to 2 drink nightly routine, so much so, they claim his alcohol consumption nearly killed him. Frank says he currently has his drinking under control, but Kirsten says she is concerned. Dr. Phil adds Ken and his wife Kristin who say their 24 year marriage nearly ended after Ken began abusing alcohol during the pandemic, now Ken is nearly 1 year sober, and has some advice for Frank, husband to husband. Plus, find out what happens when Dr. Deena Manion, a doctor of psychology,  and the chief clinical officer at Westwind Recovery offers Frank resources, will he accept? 


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