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America’s Wake Up Call: Congress has problems

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Congress in on track to becoming one of the most unproductive in modern history. Many call it the “Do Nothing Congress.” Has Congress become obsolete? What must change for Congress to do the job it’s supposed to do? And why are so many members heading for the exits? 

To find out who is paying the price of Congress’ historic inaction, Dr. Phil sits down with JP, one of 500,000 DACA recipients waiting for Congress to determine his fate. Will JP and other Dreamers be allowed to stay in the US, the only country they’ve ever known, or deported to the countries where they were born but hardly remember? Weighing in is former Congressman Ken Buck who’s one of the first to call it quits. His thoughts on the sudden exodus, and why he says Congress has never been more divided or dysfunctional. Also, Dr. Phil talks to Representative Eric Swalwell who calls Congress a “**** show.” And Congressional expert and author of, Why Congress, Dr. Philip Wallach, explains why it’s imperative for lawmakers to change how they operate. 


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