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Appetite for Destruction: Is Our Food Killing Us?

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 57

Is Our Food Killing Us? The food industry has waged a silent war on the American people using addictive and toxic ingredients to increase profits at the cost of public health.

Sugars, fats, chemicals – the arsenal of destruction hidden in every bite of our food, is fueling an epidemic of sickness, obesity, depression, infertility and financial ruin. Whistleblower Calley Means talks about the “devil’s bargain” – food making us sick, getting addicted to bad oils, sugary drinks, processed ingredients and then the medical system profiting from illness. He says thousands of scientists are working at food companies figuring out how to weaponize food to make it more addicting. As our country’s health crumbles, we’ll talk to a fitness coach addicted to diet coke, a young woman who binges on fast food as a coping mechanism, take a tour of McAllen TX voted most obese town in America for 7 years in a row, see how the brain is hijacked by sugar and reveal a shocking display of the average person’s daily sugar consumption. 

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