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Campus Chaos: A Dangerous Agenda

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

College campuses across the country, including our most elite institutions, have been run amuck with protests led by pro-Hamas student orgs and outside agitators. It has become more apparent than ever that there is a growing hate movement not only for Jews and the state of Israel but for America, our culture, and principles.

We have an in-depth discussion on how and why prominent institutions have gone so haywire. We analyze who is funding this well-orchestrated campaign of hate and what tactics are being used to grow their base and carry out campus takeovers in a cohesive and coordinated effort. We take a closer look at video evidence from these protests and materials w/in encampments. Experts in terrorism strategy and financing explain - Follow the Money, expose these darker intentions and sound the alarm. It’s time for America to wake up.


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