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Control + Alt + Deceive: Teen Boys & Sextortion

Monday, July 8, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 64


Parents, brace yourselves for a wake-up call! Dr. Phil delves into the alarming rise of sextortion targeting teen boys, uncovering the silent threats lurking in the digital world and urging families to tighten their bonds before it's too late.

There's a dangerous and silent predator infiltrating homes across America, preying on the vulnerability of teen boys. In an era where familial connections are dwindling, virtual sextortionists capitalize on teenagers' longing for connection, exploiting their impulses and their parents' lack of tech-savvy. Tamia and Tim Woods talk about how their son, James, took his own life after being preyed on by sextortionists and receiving over 200 messages in 19 hours. South Carolina State Representative Brandon Guffey tells the story of how his son, Gavin, killed himself less than 2 hours after sextortionists contacted him. Rick is a 15-year-old sextortion survivor who says he skipped school for a week and stole from his parents before finally telling his mother, Deanna, that he was being sextorted. Deanna stepped in and reported them to the FBI. Nico is another sextortion survivor who was blackmailed by sextortionists at age 14, staying up for 24 hours before telling his mother Sue-Anne. Cyber security expert and founder of Bullyville, James McGibney, talks about why teen boys are the prime target for this crime and what parents can do to protect their kids online.