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Daddy or Donor? The New American Family

Friday, June 14, 2024

Dr. Phil uncovers the emerging underground path to parenthood, online sperm donation. 

Dr. Phil is joined by the Ari Nagel, a “known sperm donor” who has fathered 164 donor childing, with 9 on the way. Along with Ari, Dr. Phil is joined by two of Ari’s “original moms,” Leigh and Tiffany, who are the mothers to Ari’s 15th and 18th children. Leigh and Tiffany say this is a new type of family and view Ari as the father of their children, despite him having 162 others. Leigh, and Tiffany aren’t the only people using this this growing and unregulated, path to parenthood. The conversation continues with Tyree and Atasha, an engaged couple trying for a family of their own. The catch? Tyree is also a “known donor” with 52 donor children and counting. Tyree’s fiancé Atasha says she’s ok with Tyree “donating”, and in fact, she’s attended the donations right alongside him. Despite the success Tyree and Ari say they’ve had, is this method safe? Dr. Ravi Gada, breaks down the truth of how this process really should unfold and the risks Ari and Tyree’s methods pose. 

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