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Fight or Flight: Boeing Under Fire

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 31

Dr. Phil meets John Barnett's family, a whistleblower found dead the week of his Boeing deposition. Aviation experts discuss Boeing's safety concerns, examining corporate accountability and passenger safety.

Experts of the aviation industry discuss what is really going on 30,000 feet above us. You have a higher chance of dying in a shark attack or giving birth to quadruplets, but you wouldn’t know it from watching shocking media headlines of mass chaos in the skies. Should we be afraid to fly or has the media blown aircraft issues out of proportion? Aviation experts confront safety concerns surrounding Boeing aircrafts, discussing the complexities of corporate accountability, public trust, and passenger safety. Join us for never before heard testimonies from the family of John Barnett, Boeing Whistleblower, who was found dead the week of his deposition in connection with his lawsuit against Boeing. 


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