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Focus on Trump

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Dr. Phil holds a town hall meeting to hear the reaction from viewers about Donald Trump’s hush money trial verdict.

For the first time in the 250-year history of our great nation, an American president has been convicted of a crime. In March of 2023, President Trump was indicted on state charges related to falsifying business records. Beginning in April this year, for 5 weeks, 12 unidentified New Yorkers listened intently while opening statements were made, witnesses testified, closing arguments were presented and the judge gave his final instructions. Then on May 30th, after deliberating for 2 days, the jury rendered their verdict: guilty on all 34 charges. On July 11th, President Trump will be sentenced, and it will be decided if he will serve jail time. This is an unprecedented time but what does this mean for this great nation? What does it mean for us, for you? Joining Dr. Phil to answer these questions and more are, The News On Merit Street's anchor, and former prosecutor, Loni Coombs, a trial lawyer for 50 years, and recognized as one of the best lawyers in Dallas 11 times, Dr. Phil’s good friend Rod Phelan. Plus, things get heated when the audience sounds off about their differences when it comes to the former president, the trial, and the verdict.

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