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Hazing or Horseplay: Dangers in The Locker Room

Friday, May 17, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 34

Dangers In The Locker Room: High School and College Athletes say they were hazed, physically & sexually assaulted by their teammates inside the locker rooms. They blame the coaches and the schools for not punishing those responsible and for victim shaming them. But Dr. Phil blames someone else.

Dr. Phil meets Isaiah Humphries, a former defensive back for Penn State. Isaiah claims during his freshman year, his teammates sexually assaulted him and other new recruits during the school year. He says his coaches ignored his pleas for help and even punished him for speaking out against those responsible.  Also, 17-year-old Johnathan says as a 14 year-old freshman in high school, he was hazed and sexually assaulted by his football teammates. When he told his coaches, he was not only ignored but his teammates started a campaign of threats and physical assaults against him. His parents, Kevin and Jeanny, say their entire town turned against their son and their family.


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