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Is Higher Education Worth It?

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 18

Tonight, viral fame or a fancy degree? Dr. Phil asks the question, is higher education still worth it? 

Dr. Phil tackles the pressing question facing young Americans and their families: Is higher education worth the cost? As tuition prices soar and student debt hits record highs, with the average federal loan debt over $37,000, alternatives to traditional college are gaining appeal. With a backdrop of a 2023 Wall Street Journal survey revealing 56% of Americans question the value of college, Dr. Phil delves into this seismic shift in career aspirations and the path to fulfilling your dreams. Joining the discussion is Giada, as social media influencer, who says she wants to forgo college, to be a social media "star," instead. Her mother Mindy says she is torn between her daughter continuing on the social media path or whether she should pursue a traditional education. Dr. Aaron Dinin, who teaches social media influencing at Duke University, provides an expert's perspective, alongside Morgan who claims her college degree wasn't worth it, and Dr. Tawanna Gilliard who, while grappling with nearly $400k in medical school debt, debating taking her own life. College and finance expert Debbie Schwartz also weighs in on the evolving American Dream—past college campuses and into the realm of online careers.


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