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Is The Chinese Government Taking Over?

Monday, April 15, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 10

America is under attack and US citizens are being targeted, threatened, and intimidated on American soil by the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party. How the CCP is undermining freedom and democracy and getting away with it. 

Most Americans have no idea our country is under attack on multiple fronts. From the food we grow to the colleges where we send our kids, the Chinese government and Chinese Communist Party are threatening and infiltrating nearly every aspect of American life. Dr. Phil meets Virginia farmer John Boyd, Jr., who says Chinese nationals buying American farmland may force him to lose his family farm. Kyle Bass, founder of Hayman Capital Management, reveals how the Chinese government is attempting to steal US national security secrets in plain sight. Plus, Dr. Phil talks to American citizens and pro-democracy activists, Samuel and Rushan, about how they are harassed and their families victimized by the CCP. Then, Senior Anchor Kris Gutierrez from “The News on Merit Street” reveals what he discovered at the southern border and the 31,000 Chinese citizens who entered the US illegally just last year. 


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