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Roofied On The Rise

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 23

Drink spiking is on the rise and extremely underreported. More than 90% of people who suspected their drink was spiked didn’t report the incident to the hospital, police, or venue. Nearly 11 million women in the US have been sexually assaulted while drunk or drugged. 

Drink spiking is so common yet so underreported due to lack of awareness, shame/embarrassment, memory loss, fear of retaliation, lack of evidence and or legal/social barriers. 50% of women and men surveyed had their drink spiked at least once. 37% had their drinks spiked multiple times. 72% of people don’t know what to do in a spiking situation and when victims DO go to the hospital they’re often turned away unless there are signs of rape or assault. These drugs are sheer assault weapons and can be used for serious crimes. They are very expensive to screen so while you can get screened for marijuana in almost every medical facility, most hospitals don’t have screens for some of the most common date rape drugs: Rohypnol, Ketamine and GHB. We’ll hear from several people who say they were roofied and it was way worse than any hangover – symptoms of vomiting, blacking out, low pulse, weak heart rate and shallow breathing. We’ll feature a test strip demo and other solutions. 


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