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Take No Bull: The Eight Second Ride

Thursday, July 11, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 65


Merit Street Media is partnering with Professional Bull Riders. The best bull riders in the world and some of the incredible female voices of the PBR share their inspirational stories of what it means to be tough and courageous in the demanding, thrilling world of bull riding.

Professional Bull Riders (PBR), a sport where everything is earned, epitomizes the definition of Merit.  It’s a big part of why MSM has aligned itself with PBR. PBR comes from and is grounded in self-reliant western values and culture. PBR’s mantra is “Be Cowboy,” which means being tough and courageous while also kind and welcoming, always working hard, and getting right back up when you get knocked down.  With millions of fans loving PBR’s message, bull riding is taking the world by storm. Fanchon Stinger, co-anchor of Morning on Merit Street, is a proud bull owner with the PBR. She uses her love of bull riding and its prized animal athletes to teach life lessons to young girls in her non-profit, Grit and Grace. Plus Dr. Phil meets some of PBR’s champion bull riders, J.B. Mauney, Daylon Swearingen, and Cody Jesus. They share their stories about how they grew to love bulls and the original extreme sport. Daylon is joined by his mother, Carrie, who survived a horrifying gunshot to the head when Daylon was just a boy.  Daylon tells Dr. Phil how watching his mom’s recovery motivated him to become a PBR world champion. And Staci Addison is a famed bull owner of the record-setting bucking bull named “Cool Whip.” She tells Dr. Phil how she’s spent most of her life bouncing from job to job but then at age 50 with no prior experience, she found her passion… breeding bulls, who in this sport are treated like kings as the real rock stars.