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Trump Verdict: A Judicial Travesty

Monday, June 3, 2024

President Trump’s verdict is in – guilty on all 34 counts. Dr. Phil uses 15 years of trial science expertise to break down errors made by the trial judge in this historic conviction and how this impacts the country. 

A Trump verdict discussion like no other. Dr. Phil Primetime will focus on how this conviction is a judicial travesty. A former president and current Republican nominee now facing up to four years in prison. And if given prison time, the ramifications are unprecedented. Dr Phil is joined by former prosecutor and The News on Merit Street anchor, Loni Coombs, and a constitutional attorney to discuss errors made by the trial judge, how this verdict is a travesty of monumental proportion and has potential catastrophic implications for the democracy.  We’ll delve into why this is not really about Trump but about weaponizing the justice department to a level never seen before which has set off a series of politically motivated events that could take down the country. This is an episode not to be missed!

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