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Was COVID Mismanaged?

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Season 1 | Episode 11

Meet guests who claim the government’s response to COVID-19 was grossly mismanaged, and caused life altering effects on children and adults.

It’s been 4 years since COVID lockdowns and mandates forced Americans into instant isolation. Now, many claim that was a gross mismanagement that had life altering effects on adults and children. Dr. Phil will speak with Brad, a father who says his 12-year-old son took his own life, just 4 weeks after his school was forced to close. Dr. Phil will also speak with parents, Bill and Lissa, who say the COVID mandates exacerbated the isolation and control their daughter’s abuser already had over her, up until the moment he tragically ended her life. Plus, Marquis, a 7th grade teacher, says 90 percent of his students are still struggling with learning loss from going remote. Dr. Phil will also speak with Shelley, who says after her hair salon was deemed non-essential, she fought to keep it open, and that fight landed her in jail. Lastly, Dr. Phil will speak with Michelle, who says the COVID mandates made it nearly impossible to get the mental health help her 17-year-old daughter needed, ending in her taking her own life.


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