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The News on Merit Street

7/6 p C

The relentless pursuit of truth free of speculation and opinion and an understanding that the headline of any story is only the beginning.





Loni Coombs
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Kris Gutierrez
Lyndsay Keith


Each day we are bombarded by screaming headlines that all too often are far more confusing than they are informative. The truth is a headline does not a story make. Usually, not even close. Full Story will take the top headlines of the day, and in the immortal words of Paul Harvey, deliver “the rest of the story.” The full context that only a deeper dive into the facts, figures, circumstances, and even history, can provide. Each weeknight, co-hosts Kris Gutierrez, Lyndsay Keith and Loni Coombs will take us on a journey to unravel the mysteries and dispel the misinformation of the nightly news.