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Poll: Pro-Palestinian campus protests increasing voter support for Israel

Anywhere, U.S.A. — As the war between Israel and Hamas reaches its seventh month, American public opinion toward the conflict has shifted in support of Israel. 

Following October 7, 2023 when Hamas terrorists waged the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust, and the subsequent war in Gaza, 62% of Americans said they believed that the United States should support Israel. During that time, that support steadily declined to 37%, according to public opinion pollsters RMG Research Group.

However, as pro-Palestinian protests have caused controversy, unrest, and disturbances on college campuses across the nation, support for Israel among Americans has seen an increase and risen to 40% since the recent protests began.

Americans overall are largely unhappy with the protests, according to RMG. Only 30% of voters believe the protests are peaceful and 71% believe that protesters who take over buildings and block access to campus activities should be arrested. Overall, only 24% of voters agree with these protests.

However, there is a segment of society that holds a different view.

The elite 1% is the demographic comprised of those who have a post-graduate degree, live in a densely populated urban area, and have a household income of $150,000 or more. Sixty-one percent of the elite 1% approve of the pro-Palestinian campus protests and 56% said they believe they're largely peaceful, according to RMG.

The difference of opinion between the majority of everyday Americans and the elite 1% cannot be overstated. Although the majority of America is united, the faction of Americans who have a post-graduate degree, live in a densely populated urban area, and who have a household income of $150,000 per year or more convey mindsets and opinions that are disconnected from those of the everyday Americans.

Within this distinctive subset, there is an even more narrowly defined group called the politically obsessed. These members of the Elite 1% meet all of the defining criteria but also talk about politics every day. The perspectives and opinions of this group reveal a culture and a vision for the future of America that differ from the generally united majority.

Notably, 69% of the politically obsessed elites believe it's better for America if only people with a college degree could vote, according to RMG. Differently stated, this means that the majority of the politically obsessed elites believe that America would be better if people who do not have college degrees were not allowed to vote. This is a stark contrast to the less than one-fifth of everyday Americans (15%) who feel the same.

In terms of career, 60% of this subset believe that working for the government is more honorable than working a job in the private sector, according to RMG. Overall, only 17% of Americans feel the same.

But the most surprising differences of opinion are in the area of gun control.

Seventy percent of politically obsessed elites would prefer to live in a community where guns are outlawed and 76% favor banning private ownership of guns.


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