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Terrified of driving over a bridge? Maryland company offers temporary chauffeur

Maryland — For those suffering from a fear of driving over bridges, the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26 hasn't helped their anxiety. And there's a company in Maryland that wants to help. 

Kent Island Express in Stevensville, is a 'drive over' service for people living with the phobia, known as gephyrophobia. Their service is available to those who are "nervous or need assistance for any reason" to cross the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bridge. The four mile long bridge provides a direct connection between recreational and ocean regions on Maryland's Eastern Shore and the metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington, D.C.

How It Works

Nervous drivers need to reach out to the business at least an hour before they need to cross the bridge. 

Once contact is made, workers will coordinate a meeting location, then drive the client's car across the bridge. 

Clients must pay before the drive over the bridge. They must sign a liability waiver before the paid driver will take the wheel.

Drive-over service runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

The service includes: motorcycles, rental vehicles or commercial vehicles.













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