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Poll: Elite 1% aren’t just disconnected, they're delusional

Anywhere, U.S.A. — Scott Rasmussen released insightful new research on the delusions of the politically obsessed elites, revealing the disconnect between them and everyday Americans. The politically obsessed elite 1% have a postgraduate degree, live in a densely populated urban area, and have a household income of more than $150,000 annually. They also talk about politics every day. Eighty-two percent of these politically obsessed elites believe that most Americans agree with them on most political issues. 

This is delusional, according to Rasmussen. The truth is that on many issues the standpoint of everyday Americans is contrary to that of this group, despite their disproportionate political influence.  

Seventy-one percent of the politically obsessed elites said they think that most voters trust the federal government most of the time. However, according to Rasmussen, “that hasn’t been true for fifty years” and “in today’s world only 22% actually trust the federal government most of the time.”  

This disparity is also well illustrated around voters' views of their Congressional representatives. Sixty-six percent of the politically obsessed think most voters believe their own representative to be the best person for the job. In actuality, only about one out of four voters hold this view and about half of voters think that their representative trades votes for cash. Rasmussen said, “The storyline in D.C. is always ‘Well people hate Congress, but they love their own representative.’ That’s not the truth.” 

When it comes to climate change, about half of voters say that they are not willing to pay to fight climate change. However, 66% of politically obsessed elites think most Americans are willing to pay more than $250 a year to fight the issue. On the issue of gun control, 76% of politically obsessed elites favor banning the private ownership of guns. This is reflective of their overall belief that most Americans hold the same views that they do, as 70% of politically obsessed elites would prefer to live in a community where guns are outlawed. Seventy-six percent of politically obsessed elites favor banning the private ownership of guns.  

Forty-one percent of the politically obsessed elites think most voters believe that biological males who identify as women should be allowed to compete in women's sports. Most voters reject this notion, as only 13% of voters agreed with this. 

"This is just another example of a bubble that people are in,” said Rasmussen. “The elites in general and the politically obsessed elites in particular — they are wildly out of touch with America.”

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