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Dr. Phil Primetime

8/7 p C

America’s Top Talk Show Host Turns it Up for Primetime


In the Presence of Evil: Face to Face With Jeffrey Dahmer

The new series Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story may have landed the number one spot on Netflix, but it wasn’t popular with everyone. Angry...



Dr. Phil


Heated times call for the cold hard truth like only Dr. Phil can deliver. America’s top talk show is back, exclusively on Merit Street for an all new primetime spotlight where he’ll fearlessly take on all of the day’s most pressing issues. In a nation divided on the left and right, Dr. Phil is on a mission to do the right thing and ensure nobody gets left behind. Parents rights, social media, education, homelessness, the Fentanyl crisis, and much more – no topic is out of reach, no cow is too sacred, and nobody is too lost to find their way back. Now more than ever, America needs Dr. Phil – and he’s here for you every night, right here in Prime Time on Merit Street.

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