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credit: SDI Productions

Reported sex assaults in US military have dropped

Washington — The number of reported sexual assaults across the military decreased last year, and a confidential survey found a 19% drop in the number...

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credit: Jacob Wackerhausen

House signs off FAA bill that addresses aircraft safety, refund rights for passengers

Washington, D.C. — Congress gave final approval Wednesday to a $105 billion bill designed to increase the number of air traffic controllers, add more...

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Barge slams into Texas bridge, no injuries reported

Galveston, Texas — A barge hit a bridge leading to Pelican Island on May 15, reportedly spilling oil into the water and shutting down the only road...

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credit: NASA Goddard

Sun releases strongest flare in current cycle from same region that triggered auroras

Milky Way galaxy — After causing the dazzling waves of aurora borealis this weekend, our Sun isn’t done yet: The strongest solar flare of the current...

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credit: LPETTET

Former NFL coach Jon Gruden loses Nevada high court ruling NFL emails lawsuit

Las Vegas (AP) — Former NFL coach Jon Gruden lost a Nevada Supreme Court ruling Tuesday in a contract interference and conspiracy lawsuit he filed...

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New name makes latest list of top US baby names

Anywhere, U.S.A — In the sport of baby naming, landing on the Social Security Administration’s annual list of 1000 most popular newborn names is like...

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credit: 3quarks

Study: AI capable of deceiving humans, poses serious risk

San Francisco — A new study by researchers from the Center for AI Safety in San Francisco has revealed the risks of AI’s increasing capacity to lie.

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credit: Westersoe

Terrified of driving over a bridge? Maryland company offers temporary chauffeur

Maryland — For those suffering from a fear of driving over bridges, the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26 hasn't helped...

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Michael Cohen takes the stand in Trump hush money case

New York — The fourth week of witness testimony in Donald Trump's hush money trial could be a doozy: Michael Cohen, the prosecution's star witness,...

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credit: Okssi68

Roaring Kitty returns, GameStop stock surges 40%

Massachusetts — The man at the center of the pandemic meme stock craze returned to the social platform X for the first time in three years and sent...

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