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Hide your Sriracha, another shortage coming in hot

Florida — Sriracha lovers may want to squirrel away any extra bottles of the hot stuff.

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credit: :Wavebreakmedia

Biden administration wants partial end to special court oversight of child migrants

San Diego (AP) — The Biden administration will seek to partially end the 27-year-old court supervision of how the federal government cares for child...

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credit: sebastian-julian

Veteran-led humanitarian organization helping tornado survivors in Oklahoma

Oklahoma — A veteran-led humanitarian organization is helping people in Davis, Oklahoma after a tornado tore through there this week.

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credit: Ivan Zhdanov

Report: guns stolen from cars has tripled in last decade

Washington — The rate of guns stolen from cars in the U.S. has tripled over the last decade, making them the largest source of stolen guns in the...

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credit: glegorly

US weekly jobless claims hit highest level since August 2023

Arizona — The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits jumped to its highest level in more than eight months last week, another...

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Sudan - World Map

People eating grass, UN warns Sudan's warring parties that Darfur risks starvation and death

New York — The United Nations food agency warned Sudan’s warring parties Friday there is a serious risk of widespread starvation and death in Darfur...

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credit: AlexanderFord

Rabies prevention: CDC launches new rules for bringing dogs into US

Georgia — New rules from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on how dogs are brought into the United States take effect in August.

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Severe storms batter Midwest, twisters obliterate FedEx facility

PAVILION TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Severe storms barreled through the Midwest early Wednesday, a day after two reported tornadoes struck a Michigan city and...

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credit: MaFelipe

Owning a pet could slow cognitive decline in older Americans

Oregon — Adopting a dog or a cat or another pet, can give people more than what they bargained for — in the best way. Not only do they experience the...

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credit: FilippoBacci

High school students, frustrated by lack of climate education, demand change

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Several dozen young people wearing light blue T-shirts imprinted with #teachclimate filled a hearing room in the Minnesota...

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