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credit: Renphoto

UN halves estimate of women, children killed in Gaza

Washington, D.C. — The United Nations Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has revised its child fatality figure from the war in Gaza...

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Roger Fortson, 23 credit: U.S. Air Force

Experts say deadly force unjustified in fatal shooting of Florida airman Roger Fortson

Florida — On the afternoon of May 3, Roger Fortson opened the door of his Florida apartment with a gun in his hand and was shot six times by a...

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credit: 200mm

Israel orders new evacuations, expands military offensive in Gaza's last refuge of Rafah

Rafah, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel ordered new evacuations in Gaza's southern city of Rafah on Saturday, forcing tens of thousands more people to move...

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credit: Rob Schultz

Rare glimpse of Northern lights stuns without disrupting power

Texas — An unusually strong solar storm hitting Earth produced stunning displays of color in the skies across the Northern Hemisphere early Saturday,...

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credit: firebrandphotography

Culture wars: Target dials back Pride merchandise after right-wing backlash

New York — Target is limiting the number of stores that will sell LGBTQ-themed merchandise for Pride Month in June following a boycott from...

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credit: AnnaStills

US pledges millions to track,  contain bird flu on dairy farms

Nebraska — Newly announced financial incentives to farms to help stem the spread of bird flu in dairy cattle drew mixed reviews Friday, as some...

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credit: Giulio Fornasar

Indiana Fever: Betting money for WNBA pouring in on Caitlin Clark

Las Vegas — The betting public is throwing money on Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever as the WNBA prepares to open one of the more-anticipated...

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credit: Viktor Sidorov

UN member nations vote to back Palestinian membership bid

New York — A United Nations resolution in support of Palestinian membership passed with overwhelming support on Friday, and granted new privileges to...

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credit: NASA/SDO

Powerful solar storm could spark northern lights in US

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — A strong solar storm headed toward Earth could produce northern lights in the U.S. and potentially disrupt communications this...

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‘It’s not only the Hamas monsters we face, but the whole Iran terror axis' Netanyahu tells Dr. Phil in exclusive interview

Israel — Dr. Phil McGraw sat down with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel for an exclusive interview this week. Watch Full Interview...

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